How it works

1600+ Sensors

The hardware precisely measures your weight distribution using our self-designed sensors

Artificial Intelligence

Our handcrafted algorithms maps the sensor's data into meaningful 3D postures

Habit improvement

Personalized notifications are provided, that enables the user to correct his bad sitting habits

The Benefits

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Office worker

Improved posture

Get that modeling posture in a few weeks, and maybe you will find the confidence to catwalk too

Boost energy

Better posture is equivalent to better breathing, which can improve your concentration and mood

Prevent sitting diseases

Get rid of the annoying back pains and also drastically reduce the risk of diseases caused by sedentarism


A wellbeing solution

SmartCover can be integrated in the corporate wellness strategy that brings a measurable added value

Employee retention

A people oriented work place increases the company's reputation and job satisfaction level

Increased productivity

Healthier employees are more creative and productive as they can involve stress-free in their daily job

The Platform

A complete all-in-one solution that offer the user sitting history data, personal statistics, habit progress and valuable tips & tricks for adopting a healthy lifestyle at their own pace.

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